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Zeph tattooingI am now working at Mermaids Tattoo in San Francisco! I am excited to work alongside old friends in this beautiful, friendly, comfortable shop in the Mission District. Contact me directly to book appointments.

I've been tattooing professionally since 1998, while pursuing a parallel love of comics, illustration, and renegade art. I will draw your imaginary animals, flying machines, vicious vegetables, dream bicycles, surreal maps, transformations and mutations, you name it. I love quirky, animated tattoos that combine the organic and inorganic, the real and the imaginary. I love to take a good story, feeling or idea and translate it into evocative visual form that tickles the gut more than the intellect. If the resulting image is a little strange, visceral, funny or rude, even better!

Most fundamentally, though, I enjoy collaborating with a client to come up with something that we both want to show off. I like large tattoos that follow the natural shape of the body and I also like little things that get straight to the point. Technically, I tend towards strong, clean lines with detailed color and shading that make imaginary things feel boldly alive.

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